Welcome to Warcraft-Maps.com !

Good news / bad news.

The site has been moved to a subsection on my blog. You can find the new location at:


The good news is that I condensed the sections on the blog, so instead of looking through 27 pages to see all the games and maps, you'll only need to visit 5 pages. They're looonng pages mind you, but all the "Tower Defense" maps are on a page, all the "Simple Games" are on a page, etc.

The other good news - You can still click on one of the links you currently see on the right, and it'll automatically bring you to the new page on the blog, automatically.

That said, it might be a good idea to update your bookmarks, because *this* site might not be here forever (part of why it's been moved to my other site).

Warcraft-Maps.com has even more games available on the right menu ---->